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              Welcome to Dream On Salon!

I'm Theresa, aka Tess Sawyer, owner of Dream On Salon. In reality, I’m a recovering perfectionist, but I prefer to think of myself as laid-back and low-maintenance. I'm into comfy clothes and comfy shoes more than I ever thought I would be. I'm a natural vegetarian, who might be vegan except I love vanilla ice-cream and fine leather products too much.

I’m a portrait photographer to the core. Until there’s a person in the frame, the image is incomplete in my lens. As the daughter of an engineer (who over-engineered everything), I even went so far as to obtain a cosmetology license, so that I could execute professional hair and makeup styling to polish my clients up. My eye for natural-looking hair and makeup, on camera, and under lights, plus the technical knowledge of photography puts me at a unique advantage.

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With years of experience working with subjects on posing and expression, plus my down to earth attitude about how awkward most of us feel in front of the camera— you betcha I’ve got a well-rounded approach. Whether you need polished images for publicity, marketing, or your career, I've got you covered. With the cyber-scape requiring a face with every name, a polished headshot is a necessity, and branding images really help clients to see into your world. I want to create images that reflect back to you who you want to see. If you feel authentic and beautiful, you’ll be proud to share.

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2021 Update: No Photography Studio.

All photography is now done on location only-- The studio look can be recreated using portable backdrops.

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I take the trust clients put in me very seriously- but mostly, I just like to make all this necessary business stuff fun!


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